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Japanese Study

I’m studying Japanese. On this page, I’ll collect some information about this endeavour.

At the end of each week of study, starting with the third week, I’ve made a post summarizing my progress over the course of the week. These usually consist of the stats for the week (how many kanji and vocab I’ve studied, how well I’m remembering them), a comment on how well or poorly I think that week went, plus a summary of any other relevant things that have happened (read some chapters in my textbook, whatever) or plans I may have. Those posts can be found here.

I should note here that there will be quite a large gap in the middle of those posts. I got quite overwhelmed some months ago, due to adding too many new cards to my SRS each day, and I’m only just now beginning to get back to a place where I can use my SRS as I was before. Of course, I’ve been learning new words and kanji through other means, but none that lend themselves so well to a summary post.

Resources for self-study

Even for those of us who are studying alone, we aren’t doing it in a vacuum. Below I’ll list some resources I use that others may find helpful.

Jouyou kanji, by grade

Although the order isn’t necessarily the best for those learning Japanese as a second language, the list of jouyou kanji by grade is still very helpful.

Adventures in Japanese 1

This one I didn’t like very much. It’s aimed at high school students, and mostly contains lots of (kana only) vocabulary, with the occasional bit of grammar information thrown in for color. Any posts I made that said anything important about it should be here. I completed this on 13 June 2010.

Genki 1: An Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese

I like this one quite a bit better. It seems to be aimed at college students, and contains much more grammar information–it eclipses AIJ by about the sixth lesson (of twelve).


I’ve begun listening to these lessons. They’re kind of nice, though since I’ve only listened to a few of the easiest ones, they seem a little slow.

Currently, I’ve completed listening to:

  • Newbie Lesson S1 #1-#5

Let’s Learn Japanese

This is a television series, consisting of two seasons of  26 episodes each. So far I’ve watched the first four episodes of the first season, and I like it pretty well. It’s a little repetitive, but that’s not really a bad thing.


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